Power of Investment : How 10000 became 500 crores by investing in Wipro?


There is no age limit nor the right time for investing. Can you believe if I say few people made Millions and Billions of Rupees by investing mere thousands at the right time and in the right place.

Investment of Rs 10,000, in 1980, in WIPRO made a return of Rs 500,00,00,000. ‘Mohammed Anwar Ahmed’ made his fortune by investing Rs 10,000 in Wipro at that time.

We all know about infamous IPO story of Infosys. Rs 10,000 Investment in Infosys IPO in 1993 made more than 4 crores return on investment. There are many more such success stories in DALAL street which made crorepatis. Listen to the podcast to know how Mohammed Anwar Ahmed and others made fortunes.

We also hope that we will inspire you to start investing in stocks, which is considered as the future of investment in India.

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