What is BREXIT and its impact on World Economy ?


In this podcast we have discussed on “why UK joined EU”, “why UK people vote to leave EU” and “what will be the impact of BREIXT”. Listen and know in details about BREXIT.

Topic in Short:

BrExit is an official name for Britain’s exit from European Union (refereed EU in this article). There was a referendum (public opinion poll) happened in Britain on 9th July 2016, in which people of United Kingdom decided to leave European Union.

United Kingdom is part of EU (EEC at that time) since Jan 01, 1973. People of UK were always divided when asked to leave EU. There was a referendum happened in 1975, where majority voted to stay in EU. UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) political party was formed to separate UK from EU. January 2013, Cameron (Prime Minister at that time) announced that a Conservative government would hold an in–out referendum on EU membership, if elected in 2015.

Now Exit process is about to begin. UK is the first country to leave EU, so exit process is not very clear. But the negotiations have begun between both groups. Please feel free to write in comment if you have any questions on BREXIT.

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