Is Daylight savings time (DST) a good idea?


If you ask someone why DayLight Saving started? Most common believe in people is
1. It is for farmer, so they can work in early morning and avoid mid-day Sun during summer.
2. It is for children, so they can go to school, before temperature rises.

But the truth is it was introduced as a fuel-saving measure in Germany during World War I. It was introduced by Kaiser Wilhelm, his idea was to reduce fuel usage at night so it can be used for war. Even though it worked well that time, I don’t think it is useful today for the same purpose. A recent study shows that when Indiana joined Daylight saving, its increased residential electricity usage by 1%.

Also DST creates health issues and lots of confusion, because DST doesn’t begins in all countries together. Then why still countries following DST ? Who actually supports DST ? Well all this are discussed in the 10 min audio.

If you still have questions about DST, feel free to ask in comments.


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