The Life and Achievements of Dhyan Chand – The Greatest Hockey Player of All Time

Listen to this podcast to know about the life and achievements of this great legend who made India proud.

Topic in Short:

Dhyan Chand was a legendary Indian field hockey player and is widely regarded as the greatest field hockey player of all time. He helped India achieve great heights in Hockey and helped India win three consecutive Olympic gold medals.

Dhyan Chand is known as “The Wizard” for his masterly stick work and superb ball control. The winner of three Olympic gold medals in field hockey, Indian hockey player Dhyan Chand was undoubtedly one of the best sportsmen ever to have graced the game. He was a part of the Indian hockey team during the era when India dominated the world hockey.

His goal-scoring feats were simply out of the world. He scored more than 400 goals in his international career. So much was the world in awe of this hockey player that it is rumored that Adolf Hitler offered him German citizenship and the post of Colonel in the German Army following his splendid performance in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He was also called as “Magician” for his unbelievable dribbling skills.

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