Donald Trump – How good he is as a businessman?


World is going to know how good will Trump be as a President but we tried to understand how good he was as a businessman. Listen to the podcast to know what our research has to say.

Topic in Short
Today let us dive deep into his life to analyze and find out how good he is as a business man. I am not biased for or against Trump. There are no politics involved or considered in this post, but just facts.

I am selecting 4 criteria to make this decision.
Each criteria has 10 points and I would consider anyone who can score more than 30 as a very good business person.
* Diversity of Donald Trump’s Investments.
* Profitability of his investments.
* Trump’s Current Net worth.
* Comparison with fellow businessmen in the same time frame.

This is purely my opinion and is based on lot of statistics provided by Forbes, Bloomberg and other notable sources. I am not an economist, I have tried to valuate based on my common sense and research and I might be entirely wrong about it.

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