Can India win over Pakistan by breaking the Indus treaty?

Listen to this podcast to know the actual reality. All your questions like “Can India really win the war by revoking the water treaty?” or “Can India revoke Indus water treaty?” or “what will the consequences if India revokes this water treaty?” are answered in it.

Also you will know why this is called the “River Sharing” and why this is considered as one of the most successful water treaties in the world.

Topic in short:

A water treaty is generally signed between two or more nations, when a river flows across multiple nations. Same is true for Indus Water treaty. Indus flows over China, India and Pakistan. Indus water treaty is a treaty between India and Pakistan since 1960. So it is often called Indus water treaty of 1960.

Indus is one of the largest rivers in Asia and certainly the largest river of Pakistan. If you listen to the podcast you will know that Pakistan is highly dependent on Indus River. But Indus flows to Pakistan via India, so India is up steam country and it can surely control the water flow in the river. Due to that India-Pakistan signed this water-treaty.

India-Pakistan border relation is tensed now and we often see news about firing and causalities. In this circumstance many people believe that India should violate the Indus water treaty. They believe that India can defeat Pakistan by doing that.

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