Investment Strategy 2: Basics of Stocks and Mutual funds

In this podcast you will learn about
Trading Stock: Introduction
Mutual Funds : Introduction
Mutual Funds : What Are They?
Mutual Funds : Advantages of investing in them

We will discuss in detail on how to categorize your monthly income and make your money work hard for you.
For many years Stocks and Mutual funds are considered to be the standard instruments giving high return on the investment. So we want all the younger generation of India to move away from conventional saving instruments and start investing in Stocks and Mutual funds. There are lots of options to invest in Stocks and Mutual funds out in the market, but don’t be in a hurry to invest in them without knowing the basics.

In this podcast we will go through the very basics of equity instruments like Stocks and Mutual funds. Listen to the podcast and be prepared and equipped, so when the right time comes you will be ready to take the adventure.


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