A Tamilian’s plea to save Jallikattu


Listen to the podcast to know a Tamilian’s view on Jallikattu.

Topic in Short:

Jallikattu, a cultural tradition followed in Tamil Nadu since 400 BC, Jallikattu is organised during the mid-January harvest festival, Pongal. The sport is conducted annually on the second day of the Tamil month Thai. The sport was banned by the Supreme Court in a decision citing cruelty to animals based on a lawsuit filed by the animal rights activists group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which asserted that the tradition violates the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA).

This judgement created an uproar leading to protests all over Tamil Nadu. The first large protests occurred on 8 January 2017, when several groups, organised largely via social media, conducted a protest at the Marina beach in Chennai to revoke the ban on jallikattu which was imposed in 2014. These groups also demanded that PETA be banned from India. After several days of protests, jallikattu was finally legalised locally on 23 January when the Government of Tamil Nadu passed a bill to amend the PCA Act.

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  1. Murugan Sundaram

    Guys. It was well done. Informative. I cannot add any more to it. We all know that our indigenous breed can give us A2 milk which is of superior quality when compared to A1 milk. Our farmers have preserved this breed for thousands of years. And Jallikattu gives them a motivation to do so. One can argue as why can’t we preserve these breeds without playing jallikattu. But who will do so? Supreme Court judges? Government? PETA? No body will except the one who has preserved it for us for thousands of years. And if he says he will have to play Jallikattu to do so then we must give up to him because he is our only hope, our only preserver.

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