Did you know? The Nazis plotted to kill their führer – Adolf Hitler


July 20 plot – Assassination attempt by Nazis on Adolf Hitler.

Yes!! that’s right.

The July 20 plot was the most infamous attempt by Nazis to assassinate the greatest dictator the world has ever seen – Adolf Hitler.

During a July 20 meeting in a Wolf’s Lair conference room with Hitler and more than 20 German officers and staff, Stauffenburg planted an explosives-packed briefcase under a table that the Nazi leader was using. Stauffenberg then said he had to make a phone call and left the room. Another officer subsequently happened to move the briefcase out of place, farther away from Hitler. The bomb detonated at 12:42 p.m. One person died instantly as a result of the powerful explosion and three others were mortally wounded; however, Hitler suffered only minor injuries.

What was the July 20 Plot? How did they plan it? What are the three things which made the plot fail? What happened after the July 20 plot was executed?

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