The only carbon negative country in the world


Every country around the world is fighting climate change. While climate change is a hot topic in every international conferences, there are lot of countries who are struggling to control their carbon emissions. Though the majority of countries fall in this list, we are ignoring the fact that this small landlocked country is doing their part and ours. The Kingdom of Bhutan, with a population of around 750,000 people is the only carbon negative country in the world.
Bhutan’s revolutionary climate change policies has got the attention of all the countries when climate change became a real threat for our future.

So, you might ask, What is a carbon negative country? or maybe, what is carbon negativity?

Carbon footprint of a person is the amount of carbon dioxide he/she produces during his lifetime. Carbon dioxide could be emitted in many ways. When you drive your car, burn the wood for cooking, while taking a flight, and also while cutting trees because you are reducing the amount of carbon dioxide consumed by that tree. Our carbon footprint is increasing day by day.

What are we doing to reduce our carbon footprint? Nothing? What is your country doing about it? Nothing? Well, if you are not from Bhutan, then probably your country is not doing enough. Bhutan is currently the only country in the world which consumes more Carbon dioxide than it produces. The various steps taken by Bhutan against the climate change is highly appreciable. Bhutan gives free electricity, have biological corridors for animals, gives environmental subsidiaries and have taken a lot of other steps to stay carbon negative. Here is a podcast on the amazing green country, Bhutan.


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