Pokhran 2 – A Brave move by India to emerge as a nuclear power

Pohkran 2 was a series of nuclear tests conducted by India in 1998. Despite resistance from the nuclear powers, a brave Indian Government decided to go forward with it’s nuclear tests in Pokhran, Rajasthan. India had conducted its first nuclear tests in 1974. India’s first nuclear test was code named Similing Buddha.

The second nuclear test conducted by India, Pokhran 2 was code named Operation Shakti. One fusion bomb and four fission bombs were detonated as part of Operation Shakti.

The 58th Engineer Regiment of Indian Army’s Corps of Engineers was commissioned to prepare the test sites without being probed by the US spy satellites. The 58th Engineer’s commander Colonel Gopal Kaushik supervised the test preparations and ordered his “staff officers take all measures to ensure total secrecy.”

The chief scientific adviser and the director of DRDO, Dr.Abdul Kalam, and Dr. R. Chidambaram, the director of the DAE, were the chief coordinators of this test planning. The mission was a huge success and India underwent a lot of criticism for this. Nevertheless the bravery of Indian Government to take a step to emerge a nuclear power is appreciable. Here is a video on the things you should be knowing about the nuclear tests in Pokhran.

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