The Rise and Fall of the Mobile Giant Nokia

What was your first mobile phone you have ever had? Mine was Nokia. I am sure yours was too. Nokia, the mobile industry pioneer has seen it all. There was one time when Nokia’s smartphone market share was 49.4%.

Nokia is a Finnish multinational communications and information technology company. It was founded by Fredrik Idestam in 1865. World’s first GSM call was made by Finnish Prime Minister using Nokia equipment. Being the 150 years old company and the market major in telecommunication sector Nokia slowly lost its charm to rising Apple device and android phones. Watch the short video to know the rise and fall of Nokia in 2 minutes.

In 2013, Nokia sold its Device and Services business to Microsoft for €5.4 billion. For decades Nokia had led the telecommunications (telecom) industry in handsets and networking. By the late 2000s, however, Nokia’s position as market leader in mobile devices was threatened by competition from new lower-cost Asian manufacturers. Apple’s 2007 release of its iPhone established an entire new category—the smartphone—immediately popular with users.

Nokia is all set to re enter the market in 2017 with three flagship models. We wish Nokia all the best.

Here is a video on the rise and fall of the mobile industry pioneer- Nokia

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