Scott Keyes built a million dollar company by just using google flights


Listen to the podcast to find out how it all worked out for Scott Keyes and Scott’s Cheap Flights.

Topic in Short :

Scott Keyes, the founder of Scott’s cheap flights, built up a million dollar company in 2 years by just using Google Flights. Yeah, that’s right. He just googled for flights and built a company around it.

His start up story started when he found a round trip flight ticket from New York City to Milan for 130$. Back then he didn’t think of it much and just took the flight. But when he returned from Milan, he had a bunch of people asking him about what he did to get the deal.

He then decided to send the deals which he comes across, on to his friends through a subscription model newsletter through Mailchimp(free bulk emailing software).

He made the headlines for his plan to travel 20,000 miles on 21 flights in first class… without paying a penny.
Now American 28-year-old Scott Keyes has revealed his savvy secrets so you too can explore the world without falling into the ticket traps.

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