About Us

Our story

We a group of people with different ethnic backgrounds, passions and interests. Some of us are avid readers and knowledge seekers. We used to have very interesting and diversified discussions whenever we meet. The topics would range from food & culture to investments and rocket science. Yes, we discuss rocket science 🙂

On a typical weekend we started our discussion while playing poker. One of our common friends felt very uncomfortable when we were talking on a wide variety of topics and asked us if we can help him out in understanding things.

Ta daaaaaaa! (bulb glows) Out of pure laziness, one among us had suggested that we record all the discussions so that others can listen to them if interested. Everyone got excited and sat down to work. We have fine tuned this idea to create Tubelight Podcasts and the rest is infront of your eyes.

What is our Vision

We strongly believe in learning and sharing, everyone around us has something we can learn. It may be knowledge, experiences or a trait. Tubelight Podcasts is our humble attempt in sharing what we learn.

We want to create a platform where people can share their experiences and knowledge so that others can benefit from them.

Our Team


Bholanath Layek
Gowtham Surendranath
Rohit Sinha

Srinath SV
Vaisag Radhakrishnan

Interested to join our team?

We are glad that we share common interests, we will be more than happy to include you in our team. Please contact us at

[email protected]

[email protected]